Fee Schedule



Date Effective August 1, 2014
Subject to change without notice.

Membership Entrance Fee $0.50
Copy of Statement (less than one year old) $2.00
Copy of Statement (over one year old) $10.00
Printout of Current Month Activity $2.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee $10.00
Insufficient Funds Item Fee $20.00
Returned Deposit Item Fee $20.00
ATM Overdraw (card privledges subject to cancellation if overdrawn twice) $20.00
Stop Payments (each) $7.50
Copy of Draft (each) $2.00
Second Party Checks $2.00
Undeliverable Statement $5.00
Reconcile Share Draft Statement $25.00 / hour
Draft Printing (fee depends on style of draft ordered)  
Cashier Checks $5.00
Money Orders $1.00
Overnight Delivery Fee At Cost
Wire Transfers: Outgoing (Domestic ONLY) $15.00
Wire Transfers: Incoming $5.00
Gift Cards $3.00
Notary Service (Members Only) Free


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